UK RNPS Legislation

Why do I need to be registered?

The UK number plate industry is regulated by the British Standard 145e. All vehicle number plates must conform to these guidelines by law. If you supply number plates that do not conform, you may be barred from the register, and face fines up to £2500.

What does the legislation state?

To put it simply, all number plates must include standardized black Charles Wright digits and a business registration mark and BS tag. You must also keep a record of all of the number plates that you produce. All of the details are summarized in the following download:

British Standard Legislation (BS AU 145e) [08/04/2022]:

 What records do I need to keep?

As a registered number plate supplier you are required to keep records of all of the number plates that you produce for a minimum of three years. These records must include:

- the registration number

- the customer's name, address, and entitlement to the number plate

- a number from an original document that can be traced to the customer. For example, a driving license or V5C.