New UK Identifiers for Travelling Abroad

As of September 28th 2021, there are new rules and regulations regarding country identifiers for number plates abroad.

As Brexit slowly comes into effect, many new changes are coming for British residents. Not least of all, is the rules for British number plates and vehicles.

Within the UK, there are six variants of country identifiers that are legally allowed, as well as the option to forgo one altogether. When travelling in the EU, however, a country identifier is a legal requirement.

Previously, this identifier was the GB badge, either on the left-hand side of the number plate or as a sticker or magnet attached to the vehicle.

Now, the legal identifier is the UK badge. Again, this can be attached to either the number plate or vehicle, however, if there are any other identifiers on the number plate, they must be removed or covered up.

GB Euro star identifiers are no longer legal.

These changes have taken affect because the identifier recognized by the EU has changed from GB to UK. This is to better incorporate Northern Ireland within the designation.

For those who are not travelling abroad and wish to have one of the five other designations on their number plate, this is still permissible so long as the vehicle does not leave the UK.