How to start selling 3D gel and 4D laser cut number plates

You've seen how popular 3D gel and 4D laser cut number plates are becoming, and decided you want a slice of that action. But how do you get started in producing these?

Firstly, you should know that within the UK, there are strict laws on the production of number plates. These laws are in place to protect owners of vehicles (by stopping cloning of cars), assist the Police and DVLA (by producing number plates which are suitable for the road and ANPR cameras) and ensure that number plate suppliers operate in an ethical and responsible way.

Every individual or entity within the United Kingdom which wants to produce number plates first must become a Registered Number Plate Supplier - this is a scheme by the DVLA to ensure that you are educated on the correct production of number plates and agree to be bound by British law when you produce number plates.

The first step to becoming a producer of number plates in the UK is to join the register of number plate suppliers, which can be done by following the instructions on this Government web page. There is a small fee to be paid to sign up, and the process is fairly straightforward. After you have been approved as a number plate supplier, you will be issued with an RNPS (Registered Number Plate Supplier) number to verify your status, and you will be discoverable though the RNPS search tool.

Now that you are registered, you will be able to begin producing number plates, however you won't have any stock! Every ethically operating trade supplier of number plate stock will first ask to verify your status as an RNPS, by providing your RNPS number. Plate Supplies (us) follow this same process; we require you to fill out our form for a trade account before you are permitted to purchase any of our stock.

Once you have been approved to purchase from a trade supplier, you can begin ordering the stock you require, such as the 3D gel letters, 4D laser cut letters, and the equipment - a jig and a roller.

The process of producing the number plates from this point onward will be detailed in further Knowledgebase articles, accessible only to Plate Supplies trade account members. Please apply today if you are interested in accessing this material and ordering stock and equipment from us.

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